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Concert in St-Martin-in-the-Fields


St Martin in the fields..London 

A night of beautiful classical music into a church that has been transformed into a place of worshiping God though classical music.

The night was dedicated to Gershwin composer and two related members of the family were performing. Michael Gershwin who is a world wide soloist and chamber musician and Tatiana Gershwin who is a superb pianist are distantly related to composer George Gershwin.

The night started with Moonlight sonata by Beethoven.
I closed my eyes and instantly I was transported back in time..to my childhood when my mom used to take me to all classical concerts in town. My only appreciation then was to quietly fall asleep.
Now I was delighted with the night’s performance and especially with the recital of the brilliant young Japanese violinist Ryoko Yano. She reminded me of Vanessa Mae but her interpretational style had something new..the breath..her breath..in between some notes she would take a loud inhalation of air that was making it part of the performance almost like a new note in the composition. I found that added element a very personal touch..giving the interpretation an extra dimension characteristic to her own style..