..28th of November..a crisp cold sunny day..rushing from Winsdor riverside station to the castle where I have to go though the security before meeting with my contact in the print room.
I had the upmost delight to be invited by this wonderful, kind and interesting person in the shape of Martin Clayton, for a day at Windsor Castle in their Print Room where the Queen holds her large collection of prints and drawings by Renaissance titans like Michelangelo and Leonardo..and so many others..
With my heart still pounding from the thought of holding a drawing by Leonardo and Michelangelo…I run through the maze of the castle asking at every corner the security guards were is the print room..my enthusiasm was infectious..I could see a few smiles with the corner of my eyes.. I finally got to my destination..got greeted by lovely Lauren, was than taken to one of the rooms in the Print section, where all the walls were covered by massive mahogany wall cabinets. Inside of them, in deep burgundy boxes, rest peacefully the masters of the past.. With trembling hands and heart and with the white gloves provided I made acquaintance with my first drawing by Michelangelo. The box comprises of six or seven drawings…and in some occasions drawings on both sides. I got my humble pencils out (as there is restriction in bringing any wet or any messy tools)..and I left myself be mesmerized by my masters..