An artistic challenge 

Not long ago  I came across Meticulousmick’s blog that opened up for me  a new format for exchanging ideas. I have been pleasantly surprised to learn how great this has been in improving our technical and creative outputs.

Consequently, we came up with a challenge.
We have decided to choose a raw photograph for each other and are free to use our imagination, technics and creativity as we see fit in order to best express our own view on the subject. The only restriction was that the photo should be of recent take..

I had a sense of excitement undertaking this exercise as I believe photography like any other art form should be explored and experimented on, with my imagination the only limit.

I also had a constant question in the back of my could one create a style of his/her own in this vast ocean of so many creative individuals out there?
Taking a good, balanced, technically perfect photograph can now be achieved with lots of practice and good instruments. ..But how can you push this further and put a personal stamp on it and take it to new horizons ?! ..This quest is still not resolved for me..

“The enemy of photography is the convention, the fixed rules of “how to do”. The salvation of photography comes from the experiment.” Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

So..with no further delay, here are the results of an image I originally took in Berlin with two interpretations attached.

I would love it if you could leave your comment on them !)))

On MM’s blog you can see the interpretation of the second is the link …



Out of camera