In this November challenge i shall be taking part of an artistic exercise created by Robyn atΒ http://robynsfineart.wordpress.com/2014/10/28/introducing-the-one-four-challenge/.

The idea is to take an image and every week of this month to come up with a different interpretation of this original photo..i can be as minimal or as creative as i like it.. by the end of every Sunday i shall post a different interpretation and by the end of the month i will include a poll for everyone to choose their favourite..

So let the fun begin!!

Starry night

Starry night


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Interpretation 1 of the original is a rather safe approach i took and gave the photo an enhancement of the colours and more vibrancy and sharpen a few details.. but don’t be alarmed there is more to come !

Interpretation 2 wants to take the viewer on a walk in a foggy starry night in second week of November..

Interpretation 3 have given me the chance to play more with filters and layers in Photoshop in order to give a film noire look to my photo..

Interpretation 4 have been pushed towards an image of an illustration book with adding more filters..


So, we are now at the end of this month’s challenge and the imagination and creativity have been stretched.. but not everyone will like the same version ..so it would be nice to see which one is your favorite by voting here: