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Happy New Year dear bloggers !


I thought I’d start my year with a few resolution that I’d like to achieve in my photographic year 2015!

1. Purchase a new camera
I told myself I will buy a new camera once I know, practice and learn more from the old cameras I have.. At one point this year I have to make that leap and buy a professional camera.

2. Have my sensors cleaned
Nothing worse than zooming in and seeing clusters of dust on my photos.

3. Shot in B&W mode
I’d like to experiment more with taking photos in b&w mode and in doing so to understand light and dark more.

4. Depth of field
Understanding and applying effectively this mode can give you wonderful effects.

5. Portrait photography
I’d like to be a bit more daring and start capturing interesting expressions on people’s faces. That will imply either a hidden camera or a set up environment where I will have to bring out the personality of the person captured.

6. Capture the unusual
It’s great to take pretty photos when the nature and life around us is so generous with us. I’d like to go beyond and try to see the unseen corner, the shadow that tells a story, the shape that resembles something else, the hidden world that have no voice ..not yet anyway..

With these in mind I wish you all a Happy New Year and I would love to hear about one or two resolutions that you thought about for this year !