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Located in the heart of geographical Europe, Maramures county is a land of mythological richness, impressive landscapes and old traditions.
This is the county of the wood, therefore the wood carving takes a prestigious place in the heart of the people living there. Over the centuries beautiful crafters have enriched their houses with roof ornaments, attractive motives for windows, impressive wonderful carved wooden gates that it now a symbol of the Maramures tradition.
One element of great originality of the region is their wooden churches, as old as seventeen and sixteen centuries. They are the soul of the village, a spiritual refuge, their breeze in the heat of the night or their warmth in the cold of the winter. There is a great sense of the connection with the spiritual everywhere around here, from the road that defies the rules of gravity to the mystical encounter with priests and monks that once you talk to them your heart will be changed forever.
This is a visible spiritually, especially when is lived with such passion and reverence by the people of Maramures.