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Dowry – Zestrea
The road of discovering Maramures in all its beauty and wondrous traditions have taken me to the house of the blacksmith of Sugatag. We’ve stopped the car to ask for directions and this smiling face of a young man proudly said that the blacksmith is his father after widely opening the gates of the house.
It didn’t take long to persuade Gheorghe Ghioca to open his studio and show us how he makes the horse shoes while his precious helper Soni was smiling quietly in the background.
He’s been a blacksmith all his life and he has worked hard for the real treasure of his life: his children. Stefan, the youngest, with a flicker in his eye, was patiently waiting for his turn to talk and show us his real treasure: his darling wife, Dorina, who by now was preparing lunch for us.
It never chases to amaze me how these people, whom we never met before, have open their heart and house and shared wonderful life stories and traditions that they hold dear in their heart. Dorina proudly takes me into her dowry room. The story goes that every girl prepares herself for the moment of marriage since they are little girls …by the age of seven they start working on their dowry..the bigger the dowry the more chances to marry well. The boy have to build a house and the girl comes with all the necessary items, hand made, with much love and care.
Stefan is now singing for us old song that goes like this:
“Mai mire de nu i fi bun ploaie-te ploaie de tun.
Pa mireasa ploie deasa sa fie gazdoaie in casa”