Bio: I hope to stimulate with this blog debates and opinions regarding the current tendencies in art as well as growing an informative and sophisticated taste and a critique spirit. Im hoping to find answers to questions like: Is art sacred or have its later modern forms become a sign of social and intellectual superiority, sophistication and elitism? Great deals of people are ashamed of their aesthetic ignorance and accept art of bad quality, while they remain blind to art with aesthetic merits. There is art that is scandalous, repulsing, post modern blasphemies, ugly, and stupid and yet critics support it. Where should we draw the line between good and bad art? And where and how does the subjectiveness fit in art? Welcome to my blog! Diana D .

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19 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you so much for the follow Diana, truly appreciated as I start my new journey. Great to have you on board and please feel free to comment on my own work, be lovely to hear from you. Many best wishes for all your own development, MM πŸ€

    • I find your blog inspirational not only visually but also content wise, your photography is intrinsic, capturing beautiful details and the essence of things and people whilst compositional well balanced.
      Thank you for reminding me that sometimes one need to stand still and let the beauty of life envelope me !
      Can’t wait to read your next posts!)))

      • Diana, that is such an incredibly nice comment you have written there. I am awestruck by it and hope your enjoyment will continue. I will try my best, MM πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Roshan Clicks said:

    Hi Diana

    Meticolousmick referred me to your blog. i am so happy to meet you.

    Thank you for sharing wonderful images.


    • Hi Roshan,

      Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my blog!
      What a nice thing for Meticulousmick to say and I’m very please to make your aquintance!
      Hope we’ll exchange great ideas and enhance each other’s artistic views in the process!


  3. very happy to discover you and your wonderful blog!

  4. Thank you so much Diana for choosing to follow our adventures in sailing and photography – appreciate your support as we develop our new website. I am so glad we have met through the One Four Challenge. Chris

    • Thank you also for stopping by and what a wonderful way to expand the circle of artists..through One Week Challenge!
      Looking forward to a wonderful artistic exchange !

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog, Diana! I like your photographs and, of course, your view about art!

  6. Thanks for the follow, Diana….I’m glad I have discovered your blog and hope to have some good conversations!

  7. Thank you for following my blog.
    If you have the time and/or the inclination you can find othe work here:
    Or here:

    Best regards,

  8. I think, art is about freedom. That, we should take as a free gift for all.

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